Latitude: 42° 33′ 15.99” Nord
Longitude: 12° 26′ 47.41” Est

How to reach us:

By car: From RomeFlorence
– Coming from the A 1 Florence-Rome exit at Orte, after 10 km. the TerniOrte exit Amelia; yet to Amelia until loc. S. Maria (about 2 km. Before Amelia);

-From the E45 PGTR go to Orte (1) and exit at Amelia (then as above)

By train:
The Milan Rome: get off at Orte and bus up to Amelia (15 km)
Line Ancona Rome: get off at Narni and bus up to Amelia (10 km)

Distances from points of interest:
each location is connected and a website details and particularities


Assisi Km. 87
Attigliano Km. 17
Cascata d. Marmore Km. 25
Cascia Km. 94
Chianciano Km. 102
Foligno Km. 74
Gubbio (E45) Km. 125
Norcia Km. 88
Orte (E45) 17 Km
Orvieto 43 Km.
Perugia (E45) Km. 90
Rome (A1 G. R.A.) Km. 82
Siena Km. 168
Spoleto Km. 45
Terni Km. 20
Todi (E45) Km. 46
Amelia exit Km. 4
Val di Chiana (A 1) Km. 128
Viterbo. Km 45